All County Landscaping Case Study

T2M Design Features:

This landscaper specializes in creating very striking landscapes and high quality masonry. The design featured stunning images and the call to action in very vibrant colors.

Clients Needs:

Our client felt that in the past year their business really slumped in the normally busy spring season. They noticed that some competitors have become more aggressive in branding their trucks and other propaganda. Client believes that direct mail will be even more effective because he can target a specific area in the city where his services would be well received.

Turn 2's Solution:

Once figuring out the design with our client we set a plan to start the campaign in mid February so that they could get a jump on the spring season. The campaign lasted 6 weeks. The fact that we chose a really good target demographic and timed it well the campaign was a great success. The target area consisted of homes of valued of 500K and generally with landscapes.

Winning Outcome:

After the 6-week campaign the client received 470 responses to the 3500 cards. This generated a growth in sales of $17,000 to $22,000. The client came away very happy and gained an estimated 700 % return on investment on their $2,750 campaign cost.

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