How To Get New Customers


Tips & tactics to increase your businesses’ awareness and generate new customers.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook for Business: What to Avoid
Facebook has become an invaluable marketing tool for many businesses. You’ve probably noticed that many businesses no longer promote their URL on commercials. Instead, certain brands just ask interested consumers to follow them on Facebook. The power of Facebook is reaching new heights. A recent face-lift to the site has given businesses an even more user-friendly platform, but there are a few things to avoid if you’re using Facebook for business marketing purposes.  Read More

Professional Online Presence

A Few Technology Tweaks for Business Survival
No matter how much you’d like to carry on business as usual, times are changing—rapidly.  The reason for staying abreast of changing times and upgrading to the latest technology isn’t just to keep up appearances.  Technical advancement gives your business a host of new tools that are as important as any other business resource of the past.  Technical advancement used well will help your business to become more profitable.  Read More

Online Marketing

Have Business, Must Blog
Bob owns a bicycle business. He has a blog on his company’s website that he updates two or three times a week. Frank also has a bicycle business and a website, but he doesn’t have a blog. Because of Bob’s blogging, his website averages 55 percent more visitors and 97 percent more inbound links than Frank’s website.  Bob has an advantage. Bob has a blog.  Read More