Weekly Marketing Tip - Website Checklist

We all wish we could meet our prospective clients in person and sell them our product in the passionate way we know we can. But, that is unrealistic. It is also not realistic to think that customers don’t research the company they either need or have already found online. For these reasons and more websites are critical for the success of any small business. A good website becomes the first introduction to a customer and goes a very long way to establishing credibility and the all important trust most customers need in order to choose you for their needs.


I have a website. ________
All of the information on my website is current and accurate. ________

My website has these necessary design elements:

A call to action on every page ________
A focused and vibrant home page incorporating the navigation menu ________
Email capture feature ________
Contact information ________
A professional design ________
An easy to navigate menu ________
Testimonials from satisfied customers ________
High Resolution photos consistent with the product or service ________
A Products/Services page which delineates the benefits of each ________
Contact us page ________
Social Media compatibility ________
Responsive Mobile Device Capable Design & Functionality ________


I have Google Analytics set up on my website to track its traffic. ________
My website is optimized to enable search engines will find my site and rank it highly in search results based on my content. ________
I have at least one video on my site explaining my product or service. ________
I know what a blog is and use one. ________


My website has educational articles and information on it that makes it a possible destination for customers and professionals in my industry. ________
My blog is updated at least once a week, with search engine friendly posts about relevant topics. ________
I contemplate using Google Adwords to assist in my marketing efforts. ________

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