Weekly Marketing Tip - You Become Complacent With Your Business

As a small business you always have to keep pushing. Do not think you have it all figured out or have too much business. There is no thing. If you need to grow then do so. Things always have their cycle and the last thing you want is to be unprepared for a down cycle in your business. The best way to see it is that you are always in competition with the companies that offer your same product or service. Their single objective is to take clients from you one-way or the other. This is true whether you believe it or not. By using this concept you will realize that any chance to enhance your sales, service, and efficiency and benefit from any advantages you may have created against your competition then you need to push harder. If you do not your completion will eventually catch up and gladly blow right by you. You can avoid this mistake by always thinking on how to improve all elements of your business and never settling for mediocrity. Never lose the passion and hunger you felt when it was just you and your co founder working 14-15 hours a day to bring a vision to life.

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